Free proxy list: how to choose the best online proxy

If you’re in search of a VPN service, chances are you’ve encountered numerous online proxy servers. Proxy servers operate on a similar principle to VPN services, but distinctions exist between the two. Both VPNs and proxies alter the method of internet connection, albeit through different mechanisms. Notably, there are variations in the levels of privacy, data encryption, and user anonymity offered by each.

A proxy server functions as an intermediary between your computer and the internet, altering your IP address in the process.

It’s crucial to recognize that various proxy servers offer different levels of performance. While many fulfill basic requirements, when it comes to safeguarding your personal information, opting for premium services becomes essential. Free proxies, although cost-free, often come with limitations such as a brief period of effectiveness, display of advertisements, and inadequate protection against potential intruders. Some may even be operated by malicious entities aiming to pilfer your personal data.

To address these concerns, we recommend considering several reputable proxy servers that guarantee a secure user experience. These options ensure reliable performance and enhanced protection for your personal information.


This uncomplicated and entirely free web proxy service stands out as an optimal choice for those seeking to circumvent censorship restrictions or browse the internet privately, anonymously, and securely. Its utility extends to both anonymous web browsing and unblocking access to platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Notably, this service is ad-free, ensuring a seamless web surfing experience. It’s important to note, however, that its functionality is primarily limited to web browsing.


This serves as the ideal solution for unlocking YouTube on your iPhone, Android, or Windows device without the need for third-party applications. Simply input “” into the provided form, and you’re ready to go.

Notably, this proxy excels in mobile optimization, ensuring a seamless experience that allows you to enjoy high-quality videos with minimal delays. It provides a convenient and efficient means to access YouTube on a variety of devices without the need for additional apps.

Hide Me Proxy

Introducing a free web proxy that empowers you to access blocked sites and navigate the internet with anonymity. Notably, the servers prioritize user privacy by refraining from storing permanent information about IP addresses and avoiding the retention of logs. This commitment to privacy is reinforced by support for a comprehensive range of protocols, including PPTP, L2TP, IPsec (IKEv1 and IKEv2), OpenVPN, SoftEther, SSTP, and SOCKS.

Experience the advantage of Hide Me Proxy’s optimized server zones, ensuring low ping for enhanced performance. Whether you seek unrestricted access to content or a secure, anonymous internet experience, this proxy is designed to meet your needs effectively.

Proxy Site

Welcome to Proxy Site – your dependable and enduring proxy server with a proven track record of sustained performance. Over its extensive operational period, this proxy has consistently enabled users to navigate websites anonymously and successfully bypass filters of any scale. It stands as an excellent solution for those seeking to circumvent blocks on popular platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

With Proxy Site, you can trust in its reliability to provide a seamless browsing experience while maintaining your privacy. Say goodbye to restrictions and embrace an anonymous mode of internet exploration with this tried-and-true proxy server.


CroxyProxy stands out as an increasingly popular and excellent choice. Several distinct advantages set this service apart from its competitors. It excels across a spectrum of sites, including social networks, YouTube, video streaming services, email clients, and search engines. Notably, CroxyProxy eliminates the need for additional settings, and even its free version boasts impressive features.


Tubeunblock is a specialized service designed to grant access to blocked YouTube content. With a primary focus on video, this proxy ensures a seamless user experience, even in its free version. An additional advantage lies in its user-friendly interface, making it exceptionally easy to navigate and utilize.


HiProxy emerges as another noteworthy option that demands attention. This service emphasizes simplicity of use, the convenience of storing settings, automatic certificate creation, and extensive integration capabilities with all major browsers. Its key advantages lie in its user-friendly design, streamlined settings management, and seamless compatibility, making it a compelling choice for a wide range of users.


ProxyFree is a straightforward and minimalist service that provides a dependable proxy for overcoming restrictions. Geared towards unlocking platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and streaming video services, this service offers a no-frills, yet effective solution for bypassing locks with ease.


This service facilitates access to elusive media, providing a straightforward alteration of network settings to bypass censorship and enjoy unrestricted internet access on any device. OverPlay ensures that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) cannot monitor online traffic or impede connections, making it an optimal choice for geo-limited content.

Additionally, it enables users to utilize content at the maximum speed offered by their internet service providers. With a global network comprising 650 servers, OverPlay extends a comprehensive solution for seamless and high-speed access worldwide.


Users worldwide opt for this proxy server to ensure secure and unrestricted internet access. It incorporates advanced technologies for data encryption and protection, with the capability to identify and block malicious or unsafe connections.

Installing and using this proxy is remarkably easy, making it accessible even for non-advanced users. Hotspot proxy enables users to bypass geo-limitations effectively, providing the freedom to unblock websites or applications in nearly any country globally.


This proxy stands out as the ideal choice for those seeking an enjoyable and boundless surfing experience. Utilizing this proxy grants free access to information from blocked websites, extending its reach to various social networks. Beyond bypassing blockers, the server prioritizes the protection of users’ personal data. It’s evident that each popular free proxy server offers a high-quality array of services, with minimal distinctions between them. The key lies in choosing the one that aligns with your convenience and preferences.


The realm of proxy servers presents a diverse array of options, each tailored to meet specific needs. Whether prioritizing simplicity, security, or unrestricted access, users can find a suitable proxy service. From those focusing on video streaming to others emphasizing data encryption and protection, the choice ultimately depends on individual preferences.

Notably, the featured proxies excel in various aspects, including user-friendliness, advanced technologies, and the ability to bypass geo-limitations. Whether seeking secure and unlimited internet access, unblocking websites globally, or ensuring personal data protection, users can navigate the proxy landscape with confidence.

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